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京城家具产业转移面临选择难题 说明

上海房屋租赁市场回归正轨 小居室成交活跃

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1.广东家居行业湖南建基地 首批63家企业签约入驻
2.楼市进入增加“有效供给”新时期 高端住宅产品或入市
3.限购后的通州楼市迅速退了烧 住宅产品“入秋”
6.经济腾飞 中国原创家具迎来黄金时代


1. Neighborhoods
2. 据德国工商总会的数据显示,法国在2016年继续保持德国第二大贸易伙伴的地位。
3. 女士们、先生们,欢迎来到2016年没礼貌大奖颁奖典礼。
4. 9. 米拉-库尼斯 1100万美元
5. You know the old guy who's been at the company forever and still can't figure out email? If you don't get up to speed on social media in 2014, you'll be that guy. Compared to last year, there are 13 times as many jobs advertised on that mention the use of social media. "We are seeing an increased demand for social savvy candidates across the business -- from human resources to product to customer service, " Amy Crow, Indeed's communication director told Quartz earlier this year. Not only are departments like marketing, sales, and customer service expected to be on Twitter (TWTR) and Facebook, teams as diverse as R&D, logistics, and HR are increasingly using internal networks like Yammer to streamline operations. Social media has grown so critical to the workplace, in fact, that major universities are beginning to offer certificate programs for socially inept corporate types to get up to speed.
6. The fact is, Hon Lik is not the first person to invent the e-cigarette. Way back in 1963, Herbert Gilbert made the world's first device that could be used to inhale tobacco-flavored air. In Gilbert's original version, there was no form of combustion and it was free of nicotine. He later designed a prototype that used a battery to create heat. He also used different flavors of water to create steam. He presented his prototypes to different chemical, pharmaceutical, and tobacco companies, but they simply turned down his prototypes.


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1、家居市场惨淡 全国规模以上卖场销售额降9.98%
5、35城楼市连续5年供大于求 房企重任仍是去库存
6、橱柜产业标准升级 应从何处着手?....