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广州上半年售新房超5万套 下半年或量跌价稳

真房源 痛点到底有多痛? 说明

智能马桶盖抽查不合格达4成 多为国内中小企业

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2.不让打隔断出租中介拖欠租金 法院判决解约中介公司如数付钱
3.发展装配式建筑 开发商或将获奖建筑面积
4.大家居时代来临 家居需求向多样化、个性化发展
5.广州租房找中介 先查信用等级
6.与世联行分手门店关停员工离职 Q房网现多重难题


1. 联邦、州和地方政府的裁员速度开始放缓。去年各级政府部门有逾25万人失去工作。今年截至目前,约有两万人找到了工作。经济学家说,美国的债务和赤字问题引发的担忧可能将限制政府支出和投资,但基础设施支出的任何反弹都会创造就业岗位。至少政府带来的拖累会减小。[qh]
2. Brazil lost that 1950 final, 2-1, to Uruguay, a historic humiliation that still stings Brazilian fans today. Belmonte, 85, hopes he'll get to see his country regain its honor. "I hope Brazil will be able to win this time," he said. "This is our revenge. I want to go see our revenge."
3. 源于:strike(v 打击;军事进攻;铸造;敲钟;罢工)
4. The Financial Times Masters in Finance rankings rate the best 50 full-time finance programmes for students with little or no experience of the financial industry, and the top five full-time programmes for experienced participants. The rankings are based on a survey of business schools as well as students who graduated in 2012. The data measure how successful alumni have been in their career in terms of salary, seniority and achievements in the three years since graduating.
5. “I don’t think there are any companies that have survived big assaults from two of the biggest beasts in the hedge fund jungle,” says Ms Simpson of Calpers. “He is cool, calm and collected — the corporate exemplar of ‘Keep calm and carry on’.”
6. Miranda Lambert “Bathroom Sink” (RCA Nashville)


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1、网签数据滑坡 北京等热点地区二手房市场降温
2、“以房养老”保险将推广至全国 为应对老龄化社会未雨绸缪
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