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京二手房现全面"砍价" 年成交13.4万套跌一半

小微企业普惠性减税力度加大 首季新增减税576亿元 说明

海鑫钢铁几近命悬一线 昔日百亿资金不知去向

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2.9月楼市持续下滑 中国房地产市场进入“大平衡期”
6.逆势突围 家居卖场运营模式的新突破


1. Ms Xie estimates that around 40 per cent of the decline in November — about $35bn — is attributable to valuation effects related to the weakening of the euro and other currencies against the dollar in November, rather than outflows.
2. 继续推进财税体制改革。
3. 9.Use One Planner
4. 1、Procrastination
5. That calm can sometimes be taken for a lack of the urgency that is vital in the fast-moving tech industry. Many were disappointed that Apple Watch was not made available to buy this year. But analysts say Apple’s approach of waiting until it has perfected a product usually leads to stronger long-term performance. Samsung, whose smartphone sales have suffered this year, is on its sixth-generation smartwatch, but has still not found a real hit.
6. May the bright and festive glow of New Year candle warm the days all the year through. Hoping you will have a wonderful time enjoying New Year that is happy in every way.


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1、6月1日规范正式实施 质检总局抽查建筑防水涂料
2、单品赢利能力太弱 家居企业招商成问题
3、租房客中的“新青年”:别人的房子 自己的生活
4、深圳家居品牌意识形成 可实现异地提货
5、家具业大气排放标准实施 推动油性涂料退出市场
6、三城释放楼市松绑信号? 一城多策或让调控更精准....


      西西软件园 Native social media ads -- the ones that appear right in your Twitter and Facebook streams -- exploded in 2013. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're only getting bigger in 2014. This year, expect some significant, if slightly creepy, advances in location-specific targeting. Twitter, for instance, just unveiled a feature enabling paid Tweets to be targeted by zip code. You walk into a neighborhood, for instance, and suddenly Promoted Tweets for the local watering hole, dry cleaner, and McDonald's (MCD) pop up in your Twitter stream. This kind of "geo-fencing," which Facebook has had since 2011, enables businesses to court nearby customers who might actually want to get ads offering special deals, in-store specials, etc. The upside: more relevant ads and promos you can actually use. The downside: more ads.