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购买期房 你必须知道的知识 说明

天津武清多个新盘封盘 已无投资客“到访”

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1.报告:京房贷利率去年全国最低 今年主基调宽松
2."陷阱"合同、克扣押金 黑中介套路满满专坑租房人
3.缘何建材家居企业赴美上市 国内上市排队等10年?
4.去年以来首次回升 前7月住宅投资同比增3%
6.发展装配式建筑 开发商或将获奖建筑面积


1. The QUBE will remind you to recycle, monitor when the trash was last taken out, and tell you to change the air freshener. These are all things people usually remember to do anyway, by the smell and all, but now there's a $300 "elegant" stainless steel can that'll constantly remind you with annoying mobile alerts.
2. protocol
3. Vocal group: Little Big Town
4. 相比之下,小型货车销量却开始走下坡路,其成交量仅为7.13万台,同比跌幅31%。
5. The ability of customers to air their dirty laundry to the world via Twitter and Facebook has already changed the customer service game. A 2012 Nielsen survey shows more than half of all customers now turn to social media for redress; meanwhile, some 81% of Twitter users expect a same-day response to questions and complaints. But this fall, things got even more interesting: On Sept. 2, British Airways passenger Hasan Syed spent an estimated $1,000 to purchase several promoted Tweets blasting the company for losing luggage. With paid social media now in customers' arsenal, 2014 may mark the beginning of the end of abysmal customer service at major airlines, credit card companies, banks, and other repeat offenders, characterized by endless phone wait times and those automated "phone trees" (i.e., "Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 to waste your entire afternoon on hold ...").
6. A tender love story between a teenager and an academic, set in Italy.


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2、竞争激烈 家具行业进入一个差距越发凸显时代
3、中介透露抛售行为显现 多套房业主挂牌或增多


      On the flip side, why do so many JetBlue flights arrive late during the holidays (22 percent)? For one thing, it flies to and from some of the busiest airports in the country, including New York’s JFK, LaGuardia and Newark Airports. And it encounters some of the same issues as Hawaiian does over the Pacific.