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区块链赋能传统产业:传说还是现实? 说明


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2.整装风席卷家装行业 求变成未来发展关键词
3.一线城市楼市库存增长四成 住房投资投机全面退潮
4.Apple Store开始销售首批HomeKit智能家居设备
5.美团与大众点评合并 家具企业合并又是如何?
6.2月以来楼市成交分化明显 限购进一步扩围


1. We will use this painful adjustment on the part of government to ensure that things will be much more convenient and easier for our businesses to enhance their competiveness on the market.
2. There are, for example, clear differences in the way the products are pitched to investors in the US and Asia. A high proportion — some estimate 90 per cent — of funds in Asia are commission-based. This disadvantages ETFs because they are openly traded on stock exchanges and are not structured to pay commissions to banks, brokerages or financial advisers that might recommend them, unlike the mutual fund industry in the region.
3. 1. Choosing a job based on compensation alone
4. 企业客户看重该校的灵活性和创新能力。“我们开发的一个课程,是由一个试验性学习提供者共同教授的,”一名收到英国《金融时报》调查问卷的该校客户反馈道,“Iese在这一过程中一直是一个真正的合作伙伴,而我们的企业也获益于一支充满活力且准备充分的高管后备军。”
5. 6.I’m 29. – Because 29 is like 20 years younger than 30.
6. The results are based on a survey of 15,870 people across the country in August and September.


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1、“后降息”时代楼市现暖意 库存压力仍未缓和
2、业内:个税法拟增住房租金等专项扣除 首套房重大利好
3、“驰名商标”将离开流通市场 建材行业将规范
4、精装修优势渐显 瓷砖生产模式或将变革
6、全国建材家居市场即将季节性回暖 企业需把握好“黄金期”....


      西西软件园 ‘Jeopardy!’ This game show celebrated the 50th anniversary of its debut (broadcast on March 30, 1964), and proved it can still not only stump viewers but also surprise them. That’s not just because the host, Alex Trebek, briefly regrew a mustache after 13 clean-shaven years, but also because some contestants showed they could still rile an audience. This year, it was Arthur Chu, who introduced a blitzkrieg style of gamesmanship that provoked a cyber hate-fest. His strategy was thrilling and certainly effective: he came in second in the Tournament of Champions. (Ben Ingram, the nice guy, finished first.)