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1.智能家居平台成型 巨头争相抢占市场
2.购房入读公校政策收紧 刚需如何选择
3.关于明年房地产市场 这些权威声音得听听!
4.物业管理成内地房企新摇钱树 带巨大商机
6.2016年商品房销售火热 房地产股表现差强人意


1. After Google and Apple, are Amazon and Microsoft.
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5. 艾瑞咨询集团和中国最火的微博平台——新浪微博在上海的一个论坛上发布了该报道。该论坛由微博和通信巨头华为联合举办。
6. But many foresee an economic collapse, arguing that a prolonged eurozone crisis coupled with a property bubble could render vast swaths of Chinese industry unprofitable. This would reveal hidden financial vulnerabilities and feed a downward spiral. Others believe that Beijing has ample resources to avoid a crisis, but argue that, with a growth model based on infrastructure and land sales, and with exchange and interest rates rigidly controlled, it may not have all the necessary tools at its disposal.


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2、无极国际建材装饰城品牌签约仪式举行 10大企业入驻直供市场
3、“抢人大战”继续升级 2019年以来16城发布人才新政
6、北京共有产权房申购政策优化调整 取消不合理准入条件....


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