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北京市住建委:满足首套刚需 支持改善需求

绿地集团10亿元战略入股“雅生活集团”获20%股份 说明

一站式服务竟如此折腾 郑州买卖二手房要跑12趟

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2.“新欢”不敌“旧爱” 合肥二手房市场交易火热
3.海鸥卫浴合资设基金 加快家装建材互联网+转型
5.房地产从业者急切抄底楼市 齐呼当前房价到底了
6.全球照明设计界的“奥斯卡”揭幕 中国项目首获殊荣


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2. "People didn't just search for the players and the teams. It was a cultural learning experience. It was the first World Cup in Africa, and people wanted to learn about post-Apartheid South Africa," she said. "People also wanted to find out what that noise was -- the vuvuzelas."
3. Paris is in third place with 18.03 million forecast visitors.
4. After a run with One Direction, Harry Styles could have gone anywhere he wanted.
5. So too would be concluding the EU’s own (re)negotiation of its existing trade agreement with Mexico. And there is a good chance Brussels could beat Donald Trump to the finish line on a deal with Mexico.
6. 谅解是赢家永远不会拿走一切。


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1、楼市遇冷 房企争相跨界“突围”短期难盈利
2、建筑行业转型升级 涂料涂装或将成一体化趋势
3、7大品牌房企联盟 共话宝坻自变量时代
4、外媒:中国楼市还将恶化 或突然降价大甩卖
5、业内称调控预期加强 楼市升温步伐或被打断
6、恒指收跌0.65% 德信中国上市首日平盘报收....


      The ranking includes schools from 26 countries, including 35 in the US, 10in the UK and nine in China. Renmin University of China School of Business in Beijing rose furthest, climbing 18 places to 43rd. Four schools made it into the ranking for the first time. These are led by Cambridge Judge Business School at 36th. France’s Grenoble Business School is ranked 70th, Turkey’s Sabanci University School of Management is at99th, and Brazil’s Coppead is at 100th.