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1. My Sunshine
2. 达奇斯说:在这一年中,卡夫支持转基因食物,这个决定使得这个品牌成为了2012年的输家。
3. 上述消息源还称,苹果将在明年10月发布一款12.9英寸的平板电脑,“目标消费群是北美的教育市场(和)……生产商是广达电脑(Quanta Computer)”。有报道称,三星也在研发尺寸在12至13英寸之间的平板电脑,而现在看来,“这些大尺寸平板电脑将极大地影响超极本需求”几乎是板上钉钉的事了。新款“iPad Max”,搭载整合了键盘和电池的新款外壳之后,实际上就是一台笔记本电脑,很有可能在高中生和大学生之中成为主流产品——这一人群需要比现有iPad和iPad Mini产品更好的内容创造工具。
4. n. 行政,管理,行政部门
5. The global trend of peace, development and cooperation and globalization are indivisible.
6. This journey into the mind and feelings of an 11-year-old-girl may be Pixar’s wildest adventure yet. It’s a very funny workplace sitcom (with exuberant, touching performances from Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Mindy Kaling and others), an ingenious allegory of psychological development, and an almost unbearably moving and honest defense of the role of sadness in our lives. (Read the review.)


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1、欧司朗在美国建首个SMT LED模组生产线
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      西西软件园 Yelling at the screen to tell the female protagonist not to go downstairs alone at night will no longer be futile. In this interactive horror game, you control all the action. The story, which was crafted by filmmakers Larry Fessenden and Graham Reznick alongside game developers Supermassive Games, traps eight friends in a remote mountain getaway with a psycho on the loose. The game stars a Hollywood cast that includes Brett Dalton (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D), Hayden Panettiere (Nashville) and Rami Malek (Need for Speed). Players will take control of each of the characters as they explore the creepy world and try to survive until dawn. No one is safe from death. And every choice made in the game will result in a different experience. The script was over a thousand pages long, opening up hundreds of different endings for players to explore. The Butterfly Effect technology ensures that no two games will be played the same. The one constant is that the game is scary. Don’t play this one alone or in the dark.