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新二线城市年轻人初尝高房价苦涩 坚守或逃离? 说明


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1.o2o市场孕育巨大商机 门窗企业需抓牢
3.1-2月房产营业税增20.2% 多地区商品房销售回暖
5.实木家具设计趋个性化 发展趋多元化
6.“最严楼市新政”实施 长沙楼市渐归理性


1. The questions New Yorkers ask the column are dictated not only by their individual circumstances but also by the larger issues of the day, like rising housing costs, gentrification and shoddy construction. In the end, 2014 was a year of things going up — home prices, rents and, above all, buildings, with 16,700 units approved for construction through October, according to the Real Estate Board of New York.
2. 4.无人驾驶的汽车
3. “New Yorkers have been waking up and realizing this long period of prosperity has wreaked a little bit of havoc on things that we think of as classic New York,” said Simeon Bankoff, the executive director of the Historic Districts Council, noting that 2015 will mark the 50th anniversary of the New York City landmarks preservation law. “Things we always thought were going to be there are just closing left and right.”
4. China's newly issued lunar New Year monkey stamps marking 2016, another Year of the Monkey, also designed by Huang and each with a face value of 1.20 yuan, have attracted much attention, with collectors lining up outside post offices ahead of their release.
5. “有个员工在公司网站上发帖称自己辞职了。”
6. 这部由塞巴斯蒂安.马拉比(Sebastian Mallaby)所著的《知者:格林斯潘传》(The Man Who Knew),是这项奖金额为3万英镑的奖项的第12位获奖者。该奖项奖励的是年度“最令人瞩目和愉悦的”图书。


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1、李克强:对重点人群保障就业 确保不出现零就业家庭
2、2014年家居设计简约风盛行 低成本建材备受关注
3、行业优势渐褪 木门企业如何实现新增长?
4、财政部亮剑地方政府违规举债 发挥典型案例警示作用
5、东莞诺华家具纳斯达克上市 成中国家具首家