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长租公寓借助资本“快跑” 增值服务或成利润突破口

国内首部建材节能环保标准修订工作启动 说明


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1.经济趋稳之下调控趋严 楼市销售仍处高位
3.杭州将开展住房租赁市场专项检查 重点涉及哄抬房租等
4.1月楼市成交量回落 2015年难超2013年峰值
5.房贷利率7折多是浮云 央行新规利率优惠难实现
6.“房住不炒”基调不变 明年楼市难明显回暖


1. 52% of the world lived in extreme poverty in 1981. This number dropped down by 21% in 2010, as 721 million fewer people no longer live in absolute poverty.
2. For over two decades I have been writing about the rise of Asia and the dynamic driving it. There is an extraordinary consensus among east Asian leaders that Asia needs to use this window of opportunity to focus on economic development and growth. War is the biggest obstacle to development. If Asians were truly stupid, they would engage in such wars and derail their enormous development promise. Most Asian leaders, barring North Korea, understand well the dangers of war. Hence, while there will be tensions and rivalries in the region, there will be no wars in the region, in 2014 or in 2015. As 2015 unfolds, I would like to encourage all western pundits to understand the underlying Asian dynamic on its own terms, and not on the basis of western preconceptions.
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4. James Bond Themes 3. "Skyfall" by Adele
5. 我们第一次看到安娜·莫拉莱斯(Anna Morales,杰西卡·查斯坦[Jessica Chastain]饰)的头发是在《至暴之年》(A Most Violent Year)的片头字幕里。她正对着镜子化妆。
6. Actively expanding China's opening up to the world


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1、多地现业主“弃房断供” 近半弃房者下落不明
2、供求矛盾凸显 多地陶瓷砖生产线复产缓慢
3、上半年一线城市房价爆发式上涨 开发商趁势抬价
5、全国二手房量增价稳刚需入市 一二手房价格严重倒挂


      西西软件园 According to the new report, over the past 20 years India has been the leading user of anti-dumping cases, filing 767, or 15 per cent, of the 4,990 initiated between 1995 and 2015. The US accounted for 570 while the EU registered 480.