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1.集体经营性建设用地入市 小产权房有望“转正”吗?
3.北京:今年楼市加快供应 租房将立法
4.辛识平:奋斗应提倡 996当退场


1. "You're part of the past, but now you're the future," Lana Del Rey sings on Lust for Life's opening track, "Love".
2. The clip, taken on a mobile phone, starts with the crowd singing the Frankie Valli lyrics: You're just too good to be true, can't take my eyes off of you'.
3. 5. Caterpillar
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5. Goldie Blox is a toy company on a mission to redefine the “pink aisle” in toy stores. Men dramatically outnumber women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and careers, with girls largely losing interest in these topics by age 8. Goldie Blox toys are designed to inspire future engineers by engaging girls in a way that draws on their strong verbal and storytelling skills — while still offering opportunities to build the skills that can later translate into an interest in engineering. And speaking of opportunity, how does a start-up toy company stand out against the big names that have been dominating the toy space since the beginning of time? In a savvy move, Goldie Blox recently released a video that went viral with their take on the Beastie Boys song “Girls.” Though the video was ultimately taken down, Goldie Blox did an excellent job raising awareness of the need to get more women and girls interested in STEM … and of the Goldie Blox toys.
6. Upon downloading WeChat, users are prompted to register either using their QQ accounts or their cell phone numbers. The application then helps users populate their contact lists using existing entries in their cell phone address books. To communicate, users can upload any photo or video on their device, take new ones, or press a button to save a voice message that is transferred almost instantaneously. Voice messages are played back with short beeps at the end to imitate the feeling of instant connection, similar to a two-way radio.


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1、中国式“红利”逆转 财报倒逼涂企向服务转型
2、LED产业持续高涨 积极开发农村市场
3、警惕:家中水管或成健康隐形杀手 暗藏三大污染
4、板材甲醛释放量或将更严格 行业洗牌将至
5、新《广告法》培训将实施 家具建材企业代言需要谨慎
6、降息催化房地产去库存 一二线房价或略涨....


      西西软件园 通过投资深化该国工业结构,从传统沿海城市天津和上海到最近崛起的西部工业城市陕西和四川,从稀有金属开采加工到复杂飞机部件的制造组装,中国正在为该行业添砖加瓦,并向世界展示就其商业航天行业而言最好的时刻尚未到来。
      At New Year and always, may peace and love fill your heart, beauty fill your world, and contentment and joy fill your days.新年的祝福,平日的希冀,愿你心境祥和、充满爱意,愿你的世界全是美满,愿你一切称心如意,快乐无比。