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四川发文做好房地产调控工作 开发商不得在标价外加价 说明

预言帝任志强: 房地产需求仍在 年底或将回暖

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1.布局全屋定制 定制橱柜企业更有优势?
2.家居物流大盘点 已形成2大阵营
5.【民生调查局】2018年楼市坐“过山车” 调控要松绑?
6.天猫将清退200家店铺 木门企业警惕与国外品牌靠近乎


1. 1. China’s Economy.China is the second largest consumer of oil in the world and surpassed the United States as the largest importer of liquid fuels in late 2013. More importantly for oil prices is how much China’s consumption will increase in the coming years. According to the EIA, China is expected burn through 3 million more barrels per day in 2020 compared to 2012, accounting for about one-quarter of global demand growth over that timeframe. Although there is much uncertainty, China just wrapped up a disappointing fourth quarter, capping off its slowest annual growth in over a quarter century. It is not at all obvious that China will be able to halt its sliding growth rate, but the trajectory of China’s economy will significantly impact oil prices in 2015.
2. These collaborations signal a moment where the cradle of innovation and the arbiters of fashion are finally embracing one another, says L2 research director Colin Gilbert. Style is not the only missing piece to the wearable puzzle, but it’s something to look forward to, Gilbert says. More than half of the report’s respondents want devices that feel more like jewelry while 62 percent would like more than wrist-worn devices.
3. 2. “Inside Out” (Pete Docter)
4. Makers of processed food, soda and fast food see markets in the developing world as their greatest growth opportunities. At the same time, obesity rates and weight-related illnesses are on the rise in developing countries. An ongoing series of articles examined the interaction of these two trends, starting with cases in Brazil, Ghana and Colombia. Taken together, these stories reveal “a new global food order, and a new health crisis.”
5. 随着新款iPhone不断刷新自己的发售纪录,库克推出了Apple Watch和Apple Pay等产品,引领苹果进入时尚界和金融界,让这家公司再度焕发出许多人担心已和乔布斯一同逝去的创新精神。苹果今年一年市值的增长,就接近谷歌(Google)的整体市值。
6. A New Year greeting to cheer you from your daughters.


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1、房东中介联手一房三卖设局 分别获刑13年和8年
2、市场迎分岔路口 家居卖场该何去何从?
3、他注册三家公司摇号,一口气摇到5套房 杭州司法局回应质疑
4、“楼市热了”只有喊声 五月仅二十个项目开盘